Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Too much Information

Information now days are too much they are coming your way from every where net browsing, TVs, Radio, mobile devises, sms application-mails, IM, etc….

from developing of the print industry till the age of the internet every second we do get a new information no matter what the contents is true or false relevant to our need or not it is just too much and I am sure every one at a time felt that there is so much information to process for example if you are looking for a specific piece of information in the net suddenly you are in the middle of see of information feeling drowning, lost, unable to take a decision.

Another serious harm of information is medical information and the bad habit of searching the internet for diagnoses, people rush to the net when feeling sick to describe there symptoms and looking for diagnosis before going to the doctor and this can make you mentally ill because a simple headache or normal flu might make you believe that you have a serious condition.

Most of symptoms are a like and no one but the doctors can tell the different even doctors can't tell before making blood test and other investigations.

I really hope that medical information to be banned from the net to the public and only make it available to professional doctors or medical student.


Too much information increases our processing time which in turn decreases our productivity andmight increases our descioin making erros.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Online Business meetings Vs. Face-to-face meeting

I wrote about this subject back in 2009 .Now as years gone by I am still holding to my believe that online meeting never replace Face-to-face meetings and by face-to-Face I mean the real in person meeting and the handshake not Skype, FaceTime, and others apps.

But it is clear now online meetings apps. Are great tools for helping you in planning and well prepare for the real meeting and very vital in following up afterwards it keep things going and the best tools for the after meeting are social networking tools as Facebook , wahtsup and other available applications.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In no particular order,Getting back the blogging spirit

Thanks to my friend Ali he remind me of my blog that I started it in February 2006
And for no specific reason I just stopped in February 2008, except for this post about gaza, but I noticed that this is normal cycle you start the blog some time just to have an idea or to know what blogging is, than you like it and you get all excited about and you start to post daily even think about what to post tomorrow than suddenly your posting start to decline to once a week once a month or you leave the whole thing or in some cases you even delete the whole blog.
Or you get back your blogging spirit and start again in my case deleting the blog never cross my mind I always wanted to get back and kept reading and browsing others blogs daily.

Now lets look back at what the major events in abu dhabi and globally that I missed blogging about.

In my personal view or my personal awareness I wanted to blog about number of things that happened in Abu Dhabi which are in no particular order

1- The national English-language daily newspaper, launched in Abu Dhabi, first, was published on April 17, 2008; it is different local newspaper different in very professional way I really enjoy reading it. Read it online here

2- New public beach on Abu Dhabi Corniche opened in July 2008 , it is beautiful beach and must visit tourist destination

3- new transportation in Abu Dhabi the silver taxi and the new bus network ,while it is good effort , but I still see queues of people waiting in the sun, often for up to an hour to get a taxi and I still think that the old gold color taxi should be in service along with the new one it will reduce the queues of people plus it is part of Abu Dhabi history.

4- Abu Dhabi Media Park " TwoFour54" established and started operation in october 2008.
To k now what this media park all about it is enough to look at some of their partner which include the BBC, Thomson Reuters Foundation, CNN, Financial Times, Random House and HarperCollins.
twofour54 is about placing companies and organisations at the heart of the Arab world and giving them the tools, the support and infrastructure to create the highest quality content to the highest possible standards. Official web site
5- The Global financial crisis
The most talked about subject now days but I am going to point you to very good article about the Meeting Industry in a Time of Economic Crisis read it here

"We solve problems best when we’re doing it together. That’s what meetings achieve, and why they therefore need to remain a priority even when it appears that the economic lights are going out! "

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The worst man made Disaster

Medical staff in Gaza's al-Shifa hospital are working to cope with dwindling supplies and a steady stream of wounded patients as Israel presses on with its offensive against Palestinian militant groups.
BBC producer, Rushdi Abu Alouf, visited the hospital and spoke to Norwegian doctor, Mads Gilbert. more

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

ADNEC increases exhibition market in UAE capital by 185% in its first year

Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Company (ADNEC) has revealed that, during the first operational year of the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, there was a massive 185% increase in the number of major exhibitions staged in Abu Dhabi। ADNEC has also announced that to celebrate the first anniversary of its opening, it will participate in three major international events in February 2008: London's CONFEX 2008, Melbourne's AIME and China's UFI Congress. more

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Cultures of queuing and Abu Dhabi taxi

I did not post anything here for long time now but I thought to share this thought with you all
My old car broke down again as usual and I had to use the Abu Dhabi taxi
In Abu Dhabi now days you can see a new silver color taxies rooming around the city although there still a shortage of taxis in the city.
And what worsen the situation is the queuing behavior for the passengers, waiting for more than 60 minutes to get a taxi and when you see one from far and feel lucky now that your waiting came to an end suddenly from no where some one jump in front of you and open the taxi door before the taxi even make a full stop,it makes you wonder is it a rude behavior or it is just the different culture, I guess in many cultures people do not queue for things they just jump right to the front of the line .
I would love to see kind of queue handrails in the taxis stop to solve this problem so no one can jump in front of the other or claim he was first in the line.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

بطاقات التلفون المدفوعة مقدما ومطار ابوظبى

موخرا مررت بتجربتين تتعلق ببطاقات واصل المدفوعة مقدما دفعتنى الى التساول حول
لماذا قامت اتصالات بتغيير البطاقات القديمة التى كان يمكن استعمالها فى جميع انواع التفلونات الثابتة منها والمتحركة الخاصة والعامة الى البطاقات الحديثة التى لايكمن استعمالها الا عن طريق خط واصل فقط حيث فى السابق كنت دائما احتفظ ببطاقة مدفوعة مقدما فى جيبى للطوارى فقط حيث كثير مايحدث ان يتعطل جهازك المتحرك لاى سبب كان
وبالتالى بكل سهولة اقوم باستعمال البطاقة عن طريق اقرب تلفون سواء كان تلفون عام او خاص او حتى تلفون متحرك عن طريق الاتصال بالرقم المجانى ثم ادخال رقم البطاقة ومن ثم اجراء المكالمة المرغوبة
اما الان للتحدث من تلفون عام يجب شراء بطاقة مخصصة لذلك فقط علما بان التلفونات العامة غير متوفرة فى كل المواقع فقد احتجت من فترة بسيطة وانا فى مطار ابوظبى لاجراء اتصال مهم وللاسف فوجئت بنفاد بطارية الهاتف المتحرك وكان الحل الوحيد ان استخدم تلفون عام فقصدت المتجر الصغير الموجود فى صالة القادمين للحصول على البطاقة الهاتفية المخصصة فقط للاستعمال فى الهواتف العامة ولكن للاسف لم تتوفر لديهم ووجهنى بان اشتريها من الكوفى شوب وفعلت ذلك لتبدا معاناتى بعد ذلك فى العثور على تلفون عام حيث فوجئت بانه لايوجد اى تلفون عام فى الطابق الارضى فى صالة القادمين فى مطار ابوظبى وبعد بحث وسوال اكتشفت انه لابد لى من التوجه الى نهاية صالة المسافرين وحيث لا يسمح لك بالدخول الا اذا كنت مسافرا وبعد ان شرحت للشرطى باننى اريد الوصول للهاتف العام فقط سمح لى مشكورا بالدخول

مطار ابوظبى مطار دولى بكل المقاييس ولكن تجربة بسيطة مثل هذه لابد ان تترك انطباع غير جيد لدى السائح او الزائر لابوظبى