Thursday, April 06, 2006

don’t you all know it is illegal ?

Surfed around the whole blogs of UAE almost all posts dated 5 April except:
1- talking about some pet shop in dubai
2- nice post about UAE tea versions
3- talking about an ad in dubai
4- singing about the last week of UAE events
5- Politics dictionary I guess
6- talking about the case of Mazher Mahmood the reporter
7- talking about his bad week and the evil eye
8- talking memories about barber shops
9- title of the post “Tia Vs Sam: Which is it?”!! You better go see it by your self
10- interesting post about Palestinian fighting the occupation peacefully although it end it by arresting Two Palestinian activists
It seems that every one in UAE is blogging from his work , hey people don’t you all know it is illegal ?
and sorry guys if I missed any one in got go home now my working hours are made.


Tainted Female said...

Shhh! Stop telling us! I only have internet at work!

redstar said...

Why is it illegal?

adevents said...

it is illegal because u r not supoose to blog fro work u should be doing something else