Sunday, April 02, 2006

Is business blogging going in the right direction?

this is a comment i posted in this blog , i thought i will post it here to get a feed back

There seams to be huge dissuasion now days about using blogs in business in a way to make more sales and to get customer feedback.
Business owner say that they don’t have a time to blog, but there is many now call them self Professional Blogging
Well I personally feels that if blogs headed that way I mean if people started to hire blogger to blog for them it will lose the whole attraction of blogs which is the personal touch I think most of blogs get their popularity because it is written with one own thoughts and view, I don’t mind using blogs for business purposes but I think it should be written by the business owner only otherwise it will be more as companies usual web sites


Tainted Female said...

I agree... LOL! I could write a Blog for my business... I'm not the owner.. I am angry at him. I did just right a WHOLE bunch about it in my Blog...

Maybe I should make a new one... only... what would I call it?

adevents said...

why dont u make a blog and call it myBoss and invite every one to write in it about his boss what ever bad or goodjust in idea

Tainted Female said...


I don't have the time or patience for that... besides, I fear my employees would find their way in there and attack me... lol!