Monday, April 24, 2006

Speaking my mind

Afriend offer me an assignment or a part time job.
the job is marketing for his several trade shows or exhibitions that his company organize mainly in Africa region and he want me to use my blog or create another blog, blogs as a method of marketing well I don’t know much about blogging I just started this for fun first and to educate my self and to learn what blog can do for me, as far as I know till now it is a great way to gather your thoughts and idea and your general knowledge in one place just like a diary, I am not a writer , actually this my first time to write for public but I guess I am learning and it is entertaining to read other blogs also specially personal blogs I mean blogs talking about personal issues (don’t ask my why) but it seems that many people fond of it , and lately I found out about adsense which give you the opportunity to make money while you enjoy blogging but I doubt I can get more than one buck through adsense for the next 10 years.
Well, now,what was my question here hummm is it ,aa, I already have full time job and consuming most of my time (i am not working in Gov job)should I promise him to work in his project and try, or it is not good I don’t know if I can keep up my promise, well I like the idea and I like every thing that related to tradeshow from planning,marketing to budgeting and site selection etc.. ,anything to do with a trade events, you name it, I really enjoy working in this line, and I think I can do a him a good job only if I have the time,well I guess I have to discuss it one more time with him.
Now I am thinking how to link this post to another page to a translation or what the best way to translate to Arabic it doesn’t look good to write in Arabic and English in the same page, I know there is a Google Toolbar instantly translates words On English web pages into other languages but as far as I know there is no translation from English to Arabic yet any idea or help people?


Tainted Female said...

I’m sorry… I can’t help you with the translations… But I think you should defiantly give it a go if you can figure it out… ?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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