Wednesday, April 19, 2006

top 10 lists of funniest data disasters

Just found this press release (very old one) and it is about top 10 lists of strangest (and funniest) data disasters, very funny I just thought to share it with you all

10. PhD Almost an F – A PhD candidate lost his entire dissertation when a bad power supply suddenly zapped his computer and damaged the USB Flash drive that stored the document. Had the data not been recovered, the student would not have graduated.

9. Suffering from Art – While rearranging her home office, a woman accidentally dropped a five pound piece of clay pottery on her laptop, directly onto the hard drive area that contained a book she’d been working on for five years and 150 year-old genealogy pictures that had not yet been printed.

8. Domestic Dilemma – A husband deleted all of his child’s baby pictures when he accidentally hit the wrong button on his computer. His wife hinted at divorce if he did not get the pictures back.
Really funny you can read more in this link


Tainted Female said...

LOL AD Events! These were cute.

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