Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Elderbloggers Stake Their Claim

This s very interesting article from the Nytimes it is about elder blogger 50 years and older some of the elder blogger that interviewed talked about the benefits of blogging to them “it helps keep older minds sharp and offer them a platform which to express views and opens social networks all over the world” This is absolutely true
My father retired about 10 years ago and since that time I witnessed how fast his memory decline by the time, he used to have a very sharp memory but not any more obviously that due to lack of mind activity, only if I could make him blog but he is not attracted to the internet he never touches a PC no matter how many of us told him to try to do so, he is just not in to any kind of computer related activity. He only used the mobile phones 5 years ago and till now he only answer incoming calls and if you sitting next to him you will be asked to answer, a friend of him always used to say joking that my father technology knowledge utmost is switching the lights on.
I should mention that my father is well educated man post graduated from England “far much better than me” who was holding key positions in his country and other different Arab countries, he is 77 years old.
I always thought that there is no many blogger that above 50 years old but in this article they said there is 0.3 percent of blogs are run by people 50 or older, yet that's still about 160,000 bloggers, but I am sure if we talking the middle east blogger this percentage will come down to zero percent bloggers over 50 years old.
I believe that in UAE I am among the elder bloggers not that I am old I am only 40 years old but to most bloggers in this area 40 is old when most of them are below 30,but after all the UAE and the middle East in general blogs are still something new and to many people here it does not exist.


Tainted Female said...

AD, it’s nice to see you writing something more personal! It’s great to look into your mind and know a little more about who you are.

For the record, my mom (Basil, commenting in my blog) is almost fifty and she’s about to start a blog. Or at least she’s promising she will. She’s already made the account. :)

Hope you’re wonderful!

adevents said...

Hey thanks for dropping by
It is wonderful to make your mam blog I am sure she will like it, let me know her blog add as soon as it is in the run
Thanks again it seems that you are only the one who comment in my blog although I can see many visitors

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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shansenta said...

I'm 39 - almost touching 40!! Does that make me stake a claim to Elder Bloggers' community? :) :)

Tainted Female said...

I left the country and I'm back. It's been a month now. You PROMISED me something new by the time I reached here.

Where is it?

Pssst... Ramdan Kareem. I hope this month is treating you well!

ArabLady said...

so anything new!

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