Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The most important UAE Exhibitions for the month of May 2006- اهم المعارض فى الامارات لشهر مايو

Hometech middle east -14-May-2006-16-May-2006-Dubai

Hardware tools -14-May-2006-16-May-2006-Dubai

Garden, landscaping outdoor living exhibition -14-May-2006-16-Apr-2006-Dubai

Kitchens bathrooms, lightstyle gulf light -14-May-2006-16-May-2006-Dubai

Digital Photography -15-May-2006-21-May-2006-Abu Dhabi

Art Workshop Exhibition -22-May-2006-06-Jun-2006-Abu Dhabi

Middle east toy fair -22-May-2006-24-May-2006-Dubai

Beauty world middle east/ gulf beauty -22-May-2006-24-May-2006-Dubai-

Housewares homestyle -22-May-2006-24-May-2006-Dubai

Interior Design Models
-23-May-2006-31-May-2006-Abu Dhabi

Italian Lifestyle in the Emirates -23-May-2006-26-May-2006-Sharjah

Automechanika gulf -28-May-2006-30-May-2006-Dubai

International fashion jewelry and accessories fair ifja 2006 and international watch clock fair iwcf 2006 28-May-2006-30-May-2006-Dubai


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