Sunday, April 29, 2007

Abu Dhabi Taxi

Not long a go when I ever needed a taxi in Abu Dhabi it doesn’t take me longer than 1 or 2 minutes maximum to find one but I did not notice till two days a go when my car broke down and I had to take it for service, that it is getting really difficult to find a taxi in Abu Dhabi I wait about 30 to 45 minute every day to find one.
Now I know in the third quarter of this year, and within three years fleets of 7,100 modern taxis operated by private companies would have replaced all existing taxis in the emirate.
I know this is a positive news but in my humble opinion I see the old gold and white taxi as part of Abu Dhabi image now and it should not change, each city in the world have a famous kind of taxi image and Abu Dhabi is that gold / white taxi and right now it is almost the only way of transportation available for many people not to mention the cost that will rise with the new taxies
I asked couple of taxi drivers what is the problem? Why there is a lack of taxi now
They all said that due to the housing rent increases many families moved out from the city to near by cites like Baniyas, Musffah, shahama and other areas so most of taxi drivers prefer to work in these areas and avoid Abu Dhabi congested street and the business there is very good as they say you can make 25 Dh in one trip form Musffah area to Abu Dhabi better than doing the same amount of money driving inside the town

Now this can be a big problem for a city that started to host very good number of big events and exhibitions I know there is other taxi services available like alghazal taxi and NTC taxies but the need of normal affordable taxi that you can take from the street anywhere is still a must and the golden /white taxi is really nice figure to keep, so why not add to it the modern taxies and keep the old one too
1- it lasted for more than 25 years with the golden and white color this an image should not change
2- it is affordable for wide range of low income group of people
3- they can work in parallel with the other modern taxies


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