Sunday, April 01, 2007

How to

I do heavy surfing on the net looking for something related to MICE, there is much useful information related to MICE weather it is in the technology side the management and planning side and many other all related to how to manage and plan an event, but I did not find something useful or a guide related to how to market your startup event lets say I want to lunch a new trade show for profit or a new concept of a meeting also for profit how to promote it? How to attract participant to register and exhibit or participate in this event? How to repeat it and make it annual event? and how to make it stand in the crowed , so I suggest if any one expert in marketing for trade show start up please write something or leave a comment here


Ali said...

Dear Mr. MICE Fan,

I have no idea how I ended up here, I was doing some research online from my desk office and all of the sudden I've glimpsed your blogs and noticed the word MICE and of course GIBTM, and I decided to scan through your content and I have to say that I'm impressed by your blogs.

Who am I?
I'm someone who works in the MICE industry for the past 16 months and I have to say it's an amazing industry with lots of potential to grow even bigger in this region, give it some time and you will see everyone in the Middle East speaks MICE!

In regards to your questions about how to lunch a new trade show for profit or a new concept of a meeting also for profit and how to promote? all of these are very good questions and GIBTM main goals were to increase the awareness of this industry in people head and starts making others feel interested in joining this industry and benefit from it of course.

I would suggest if you ever needed any assistance with how to market a trade show and all of the information that are related to it, you are more than welcome to contact me directly and I’ll be more than happy to share with you few thoughts and case studies of how can you establish a marketing strategy for a trade show, on the other hand, don’t forget that our friends from Reed exhibition are super nice and very cooperative and if you ever approached they will never reject to help and assist you, it’s one of their goals as a company as well which is to educate the market about how to be in this business and to benefit from it also.

Most important advise I would like to share with you is to remember that there are about two or 3 important organization or association that are the Kings of this MICE industry one is called SITE
The society of incentive and travel executive

This association is so rich in knowledge and experience about the MICE industry and I recommend you join them as a member specially that a Middle Eastern chapter is almost ready to operate and function in the region therefore I recommend you to check it out.

The second important association is ICCA the international congress and convention association another powerful global association that you can gain so much from since they are a pro in the convention industry and of course they have a Middle Eastern chapter as well, another way of increasing your awareness about this MICE industry which can also guide you to more contacts of the trade shows industry as well.

On the other hand you have also, MPI Meetings professional International a very well kn won organization that focuses a lot on international meetings industry,
So long for a short message, forgive me, just wanted to share few thoughts to help you out, all the best and keep your blogs a life, there are people who benefits and will benefits always from it everyday.

God bless,
Take care,

adevents said...

Dear Mr. Ali,
I just can’t express my surprise and gladness to see your comment here I know through the stat counter of the blog there is many reader to the blog but almost no one left me a comment.

But you did not leave me an email or address to contact you directly that is why I am replying to you here

Your comment is very valuable I must say I agree with you soon MICE will have a big role in the Middle East and I am also a ware of the organizations you mentioned with the exception of the international congress and convention association thank you for the link
I would also like to mention the Convention Industry Council

Whish they are doing a great job educating the world about MICE in general and one of their valuable programs is the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) which I am thinking to enroll in it

Once again thank you for passing by and encouraging me to maintain this blog as lately I started to withdrew my effort to write in here.
Please send me your email to get in touch with you