Monday, August 20, 2007

October 14 is the launch date of the International Middle East Film Festival in Abu Dhabi

Another international event to post Abu Dhabi as a destination for tourist of art and culture, it is obvious that Abu Dhabi is doing a good job positioning it self as culture and art destination.
But I really wonder why I didn’t hear of this Festival earlier and if they just started marketing for this Festival isn’t the date 14 October is very close, my Sixth Sense telling me this festival will postponed.

Unfortunately this sixth sense was not working when I wrote my last post about my business startup so if any one wonder yes it did not work out because lack of commitment and awareness from my partner but I did not give up hope will look in to another way and another partner
However if you want to read more about the International Middle East Film in Abu Dhabi click here or here

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Anne-Sofie Poulsen said...

Sounds like an interesting event :)
I have been in Abu Dhabi on holiday and I agree that much is being done to promote it, but I think that's great :)
I just love the luxory and big city life that Abu Dhabi really has. Not the last time i'm going there and not the last time I travel with Atlantis Rejser (a Danish travel agency).