Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Too much Information

Information now days are too much they are coming your way from every where net browsing, TVs, Radio, mobile devises, sms application-mails, IM, etc….

from developing of the print industry till the age of the internet every second we do get a new information no matter what the contents is true or false relevant to our need or not it is just too much and I am sure every one at a time felt that there is so much information to process for example if you are looking for a specific piece of information in the net suddenly you are in the middle of see of information feeling drowning, lost, unable to take a decision.

Another serious harm of information is medical information and the bad habit of searching the internet for diagnoses, people rush to the net when feeling sick to describe there symptoms and looking for diagnosis before going to the doctor and this can make you mentally ill because a simple headache or normal flu might make you believe that you have a serious condition.

Most of symptoms are a like and no one but the doctors can tell the different even doctors can't tell before making blood test and other investigations.

I really hope that medical information to be banned from the net to the public and only make it available to professional doctors or medical student.


Too much information increases our processing time which in turn decreases our productivity andmight increases our descioin making erros.

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